Thursday, 23 February 2012


Today is a happy day as the Sealion is back in the water! Last August we bought this boat and had a few nice trips up to York and on the rivers and canals but then we had to take it out of the water over the winter for some TLC. I have altered the seat cushions and given the cabin a good clean so it’s all fresh. Now the fun part starts as I make new cushions and add a few more Cath Kidston items to make the Sealion super pretty, (I haven’t seen another boat with bunting hung up inside!)
After several months of not being able to use the boat we are now free to tootle along the water once again! Spring is on its way and I look forward to more boat holidays!

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  1. How lovely to have a boat i live in york so if i see you tootling along the river i shall give you a wave xx


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