Saturday, 12 May 2012

When not at work we have been spending time on the new boat 'Lady Lou' we have had a lot of cleaning to do and jobs to complete but it’s coming together nicely. 
I made some scones in the boat oven to test its baking potential and was pleased with the results- the scones took longer than usual to cook but they were also on the larger side!

I’ve began the marathon task of making the curtains for Lady Lou. With the help and advice from my mum we decided on a Taupe Spot fabric, the chosen fabric was from Cath Kidston but at £20 per meter was an expensive option. After a quick shop around I found some almost identical fabric from Clarke & Clarke at only £8.50 per meter. The quality of the fabric is lovely and I’m pleased with the end  result-    only 6 more windows to go!
I also enjoyed the tiny glimpse of sunshine we had by having afternoon tea at my Mum’s lovely garden shed.
 Thanks for reading x