Friday, 26 October 2012

Wet Walks

I've had some time off this week 'half term' and it's been lovely to just have some time at home. I've been trying to make sure Inca gets some nice walks despite the miserable weather.
 The paths have been covered in mud and puddles- great news for dogs but not for me (I realised I had a wet foot- my Joules wellies leak!)
 The woods look beautiful at the moment with all the Autumn colours.
I'm in school today doing some planning for the lessons I'm due to teach (MATHS week 1) introducing the children (Year 1) to money! I'm enjoying the course but it is hard work, my time in school is great but the uni part is a drag. I've decided that I need to try and manage my time wisely and try to make a little bit of time for my crafts. I bought the Mollie Makes Christmas Craft Book to bring some inspiration and get me in the mood for Christmas, and the Cath Kidston Gift Guide has also popped through the letter box!!!!
I hope you're all well and still reading my blog despite my lack of posts!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Still here....

I am still here- uni and school placements are in full swing and the work is starting to mount up! 
I'm meant to be doing some work but can't help letting my mind drift.....