Sunday, 15 January 2012

A cold and frosty morning

What a lovely morning, when I woke up and looked out of the window I was eager to get outside. I quickly got dressed and headed out into the cold with my cocker spaniel Inca.
The garden looked stunning with its crisp blanket of white, and the view across the valley was lovely. 
My caravan (sewing room) looked cold with the windows frosted up. I miss my caravan as I haven’t been working in there since October, I have brought some of my craft things into the house but I struggle for room to work. I love my caravan as I can spread things out and get creative in my own little space. 
 We wondered into the woods and watched rabbits playing and in the distance saw a fox running across the white fields. Inca enjoyed the walk as much as me; it was a lovely start to a restful day.

I hope you've all had a sunny Sunday x

Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year-New Projects

Happy New Year to you all! I have been completing projects from last year, and thinking of new ones to start. I decided to make a knitted blanket for my Dads terrier Harry. I started this way back in October and it was a last minute rush to get it completed as a belated Christmas/ New Year present! The blanket has taken ages I think around 50 hours (when I first started I didn’t think it would take so long) but I enjoyed knitting a square a night whilst watching the tv and gradually seeing the blanket come together!

I joined the squares using crochet (very basic) one of my aims for the New Year is to learn to crochet. As part of my Christmas present my mum took me to a crochet class to learn the basics, we were learning to crochet a penguin (I still haven’t completed mine). The class was for all levels but I found it difficult as a beginner, however I didn’t give up and I am determined to master the art of crochet. I long to make blankets like Attic24. To help me on the way Mum bought me a Cath Kidston crochet kit, it's very pretty and I look forward to attempt to make the granny square cushion cover!
 I've also made myself a new cover for my diary using some lovely Cath Kidston fabric- I'm happy with the end result! A cheap basic diary has been transformed. 

 The New Year has started well as 'arobella creations' has made it into a shop! Janet from a local shop 'Lily of The Valley' in Slaithwaite has kindly offered to put some of my jewellery and other bits for sale in her Florist/Gift Shop. Fingers crossed the local people will like what they see. Below is a photo taken of the display in the window -apologies for the terrible pic!