Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Cath Kidston

I've liked Cath Kidston for several years, and I love going in her shops! Today I have been looking through a collection of her magazines (I like to look back at the old ones). I love the use of colours and print, and every page is so pretty! Some things are a ridiculous price, but I simply wait for the sales! As yet I haven't had a 'bad' item, the things I've purchased have lasted. How do you feel about Cath Kidston products? I'd love to hear you think.
Anyway here are some pics to inspire.....
 I might take some photos of the Cath Kidston items I have and share those with you.
Thanks for reading x

Monday, 3 September 2012

Sunshine & Showers

Last week we had a few days away on the boat, it was a wonderful break before I start my PGCE. Here are a few photos from the week;
beautiful flowers

a glimmer of sunshine

the view out of the window

a heron in flight, with the grey sky looming

coffee and a good book

catching up on some crochet

then back home to reality to unpack the bags and start the washing!

I hope you've managed to enjoy some of the later summer sun x