Saturday, 23 June 2012

Craft Caravan

Lots of people have a 'craft room' or 'craft corner' in their homes, however I don't have a spare room for my crafting so instead I have a 'craft caravan'. My caravan has been neglected lately as I haven't had much free time at home, when not working we have been away on the boat. So on my day off I decided to give my caravan a 'freshen up' so that hopefully I will be spending more time in there on crafty projects. 
 (it was a dull and rainy day so apologies for the poor photos)
As you can see the caravan needs a good tidy and a bit of a de clutter- but despite the stacks of fabric, beads, buttons etc I know where everything is! I love spending time in here.
Whilst cleaning the caravan and moving piles of magazines and cushions I decided that I need to revamp the little caravan starting with some new curtains. I have enough curtain tape left from making curtains for the boat so decided to look through my hoard of fabric and find something to use. I found 2 vintage bed sheets bought from the charity shop for a grand total of £1.95, so all I need to buy is some lining fabric.
 The fabric is retro/vintage but luckily in very good condition so perfect to hang at the caravan windows. The brown/mustard colour should match the original caravan seat cushions well. 
I'm excited to get making and see the end result!
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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Crochet- Cookies- Canals- Cath

4 things I've been enjoying........

my random crochet blanket- one row of each colour

baking and eating cookies

a week away; Selby to Ripon on the canals and rivers

visiting the Cath Kidston shop in York!