Friday, 16 December 2011

9 more bed times!

Just 9 more bed times until the big day! I can't believe how quickly this month has passed. I'm sorry for the lack of posts; to be honest I haven't really done anything crafty or exciting! I have been working and am doing so right until Christmas Eve (when all I really want to do is play). I wanted to show you my lovely white roses which my mum bought me (she offered me a house plant a nice poinsettia or cyclamen but I turned them down as I always end up killing them).
After work I called to get some food shopping and a little extra jumped into the trolley! These super cute slipper’s had to come home with me (I have been looking out for some new slippers and these were just perfect) I love them but plan to try and save them until Christmas Eve.
I have a new and wonderful Christmas craft book, but unfortunately I haven’t had time to do the projects in it! There are some nice ideas and beautiful pictures, I have also noticed that many of the ‘making projects’ in magazines are from this book (Mollie Makes, Making and Sainsburys).
So my fellow bloggers that’s all I have to share with you, I hope you're all getting cosy and crafty over the Christmas period. x

Friday, 9 December 2011

getting organised

This evening I have been getting organised for my stall on Sunday 11th Dec. I have had a practice set up to check how to arrange things and how my collection looks together. I mainly make jewellery but I have also been making some Christmas decorations and experimenting with accessories. 
 My display boards will be made prettier in the future but for this weekend they are staying plain, as I haven't has time to alter them! I am using a twig to display my decorations, space is limited but this allows me to at least show the decorations hanging. 
I love setting up a stall and trying to sell my creations but it really does take some organising and preparation. Hopefully it will all be worth it on Sunday! (I had a stall in Skipton in November and it was a bit quiet, fingers crossed the weather doesn't put people off venturing out) 

Not long to go now until Christmas, I'm sure you other bloggers will feel the same as me that there aren't enough hours in the day! I still have quite a few crafty projects and gifts to complete before the big day, and I also plan to set up a FOLKSY shop! So lots to do and plenty to be excited about. Now I need a nice cuppa tea, next i will print some price labels then it's bedtime for me.