Thursday, 8 December 2011

time to get cosy

What a wet and windy day! When it's wild outside it’s nice to get in from work, batten down the hatches and get cosy. My Christmas tree is up and adds to the atmosphere (I am in gradually trying to replace my shop bought decorations with handmade creations) I like a simple tree with a traditional feel.
I am currently preparing for a Christmas Fair on Sunday 11th in Skipton. Progress is slow tonight as I indulged in a spot of baking and whilst in my kitchen I noticed how pretty my new lights look (they are fairy lights with a retro lampshade effect) 

Anyway I best go make some more Christmas decorations....the ginger bam bam (gingerbread man) is waiting to be created!


  1. Hello!
    Thank you for the lovely comment!

    My top tip for blogging....visit peoples blogs and leave comments.....then lovely poeple will come and visit you!
    Like me!
    If you would like I can do a welcome wagon ting and introduce you?


  2. Some ppl email....and some reply via their own blog comment section...but the best way is to reply via other ppls blogs.....there is a good bok called blogging for bliss which has lots more helpful tips and a few well known bloggers....such as Posy is in it!xxx

  3. Popped over via Mel's blog. Your tree looks gorgeous!

  4. Hi! I'm loving your fairy lights with actual shades! Your tree looks lovely too.

  5. Your lamp shade lights are super cute!

  6. Hi there, just popped over via Mel's blog. I love your traditional tree & those fairy lights are fab!! I definitely need something like that to brighten up my kitchen at Christmas!

    I'm not blogging at the moment, but hope to start again in the New Year. I still love to browse my favourite blogs each day though, so will pop over again to visit!!

    Willow xx

  7. Your Christmas tree is beautiful! I also find that over the years the hand-made decorations are slowly replacing store-bought. Happy Holidays! xo Karen

  8. Hello! I love your lampshade lights,where did you find them? Do tell.
    Your tree is looking very sparkly and pretty...hope to put mine up tomorrow. :0)

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I'm so pleased I've joined blogland with you nice people.
    The lights were a present from my mum 'I saw these and thought of you'. They came from a local garden centre a few weeks ago (I'm not sure if they are available online or not) but might be worth a look. Thanks again, abbie x


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