Friday, 26 October 2012

Wet Walks

I've had some time off this week 'half term' and it's been lovely to just have some time at home. I've been trying to make sure Inca gets some nice walks despite the miserable weather.
 The paths have been covered in mud and puddles- great news for dogs but not for me (I realised I had a wet foot- my Joules wellies leak!)
 The woods look beautiful at the moment with all the Autumn colours.
I'm in school today doing some planning for the lessons I'm due to teach (MATHS week 1) introducing the children (Year 1) to money! I'm enjoying the course but it is hard work, my time in school is great but the uni part is a drag. I've decided that I need to try and manage my time wisely and try to make a little bit of time for my crafts. I bought the Mollie Makes Christmas Craft Book to bring some inspiration and get me in the mood for Christmas, and the Cath Kidston Gift Guide has also popped through the letter box!!!!
I hope you're all well and still reading my blog despite my lack of posts!


  1. Hi there,
    The course is a hard slog, but it will be worth it. It is actually a good sgn if the uni part is more of a drag than the school bit, because it is the school part that you will be doing as a job.
    I love the look of Christmas Mollie Makes, wish I could buy it here. I'm looking forward to seeing your new makes.
    Can't believe your wellies leak, I bet they weren't cheap!
    Tracy xxx

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for still reading my blog. The Mollie Makes book is lovely and was very reasonable at £6.99 from amazon! I am dissapointed with the wellies, I got them in the January sales so they havent lasted very long :(
      The school im at is great, very big with over 500 children. Almost all of the pupils are from minority ethnic backgrounds and the great majority has a first language other than English.We have a lot of children from Czech!
      Best Wishes xx

  2. Ooh it's pretty wet here too. That book is lovely isn't it? I got my copy last week.
    Victoria xx

    1. Hi Victoria,
      Thanks for reading my post. Im pleased the rain has cleared and we've had a lovely cold,crisp,autumn day! The Mollie Makes book is fab, some lovely ideas and also some new ideas (I find that often with christmas magazines etc the ideas are just the same)
      Hope you have a lovely weekend
      Abbie xx

  3. Beautiful photo! I adore autumn, rain, fog, (but not mud) ;) Also I had less time to read blogs. Maybe you can add your blog to bloglovin? then no one will skip Posts (email notification with bloglovin are very useful). Hugs!


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