Tuesday, 6 March 2012


 On the 29th Feb I had an interview for a PGCE at Leeds Met. We were told we would find out within 10 days if we had been successful- as yet I haven't heard, so I'm waiting and wondering. I felt that the day went well and that I was well prepared- so fingers crossed!

Today was my day off work and I have kept myself busy by tidying up the garden. I now have some lovely long wood planters on my decking area,- so I no longer need lots of pots. 
The sun was out and I've enjoyed my day pottering, I even ate my lunch outside. Inca also got a treat as she was outside all day too- sniffing and chewing sticks...along with jumping in the wheelbarrow!
The next job on the list is to tidy up the telephone box. Yes I have a telephone box in my garden! I use it as a greenhouse/ potting shed. It's looking a bit tired and neglected so I think this year we will give it a spot of TLC- maybe replace the broken glass and give it a paint.
I hope you've all seen the sun today x


  1. I love your blog! : D Fingers crossed for your interview. Your garden is my dream .. A stone wall, the flowers are beautiful! OMG! How to get a telephone booth? Fantastic idea! I regret that I live in Poland and the capture and transport the boxes for me is probably impossible. Just sit and wait when it comes of the Doctor Who. (sorry for my english)

  2. wow, i hope you got in for the course.

    this post makes me wish i had a garden.
    and how amazing, you have a telephone box in your garden--AND as a greenhouse/potting shed! you should definitely give it some tlc, that would look fab.



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