Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Simple Things

As I have previously mentioned my aim for 2012 was to learn to crochet. We are now on the 9th Feb and I am well on my way! I am so pleased. My first attempt was this mini blanket (just using up some wool my mum had) 

You can see at my joining corner where I went wrong as I hadn't quite mastered it, I thought about pulling it back then decided it didn't really matter as it was just my 'learning attempt'. The pink & green blanket will be living in my caravan when I move back with my craft things. My second attempt is to make a larger blanket in the same 'plain granny square' design. 
I am really enjoying the simple art if crochet. The simple things in life are beautiful; today I watched 2 robins and a blue tit enjoying lunch at the bird table! And I made a simple loaf of white crusty bread- yum yum!

P.S - Is anyone actually reading my blog?? I am starting to wonder if I am talking to myself! x


  1. i have always wanted to learn crochet, i remember my nan teaching me and i could not do it at all!
    it was so frustration, i learnt how knit just like that (which i have now forgotten!), but crochet...!

    --good luck with the interview for your PGCE! you will be great!


  2. By chance I found your beautiful blog. I like things very very well here. I'm always pleased to discover the country of bloggers and other creative people like to look clean again. Maybe once you click over, I'd be happy;-)
    Greetings Dear Rosalie ∙ ∙ ♥ ♥ ∙ ∙


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