Sunday, 22 April 2012

A week away

This week I have been staying at my Dad's house (we are house sitting and looking after his dogs while he's on holiday) His house is in Lancashire in the middle of nowhere (30mins to a shop) so it has been a quiet and long week! The countryside is beautiful, but unfortunately the weather has been horrible meaning a lot of time has been spent in doors. So I have been reading, baking, crafting and looking out of the window. 
My week in photos:
This is the view out of the kitchen window, showing the farmers moving the sheep and lambs.

Watching the birds at the bird table.

Baking a simple but tasty orange cake.

Crocheting granny squares for my latest project.
Finding a lovely book in the charity shop for only £2
Visiting my mum- we had a lovely day and enjoyed 'coffee & cake' with this lovely 
Lemon Curd Cake baked by mum.

I hope you've all had a nice week despite the weather x


  1. Hello!

    Oh that sounds lovely, a little retreat to recharge your batteries and have fun baking and making. And that cake sounds gorgeous! I love lemon cakes.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! The big granny blanket is coming along nicely, it's an addiction I tell you lol !

    Gemma ax

  2. Perfect house and garden! I dream about to live in a similar place. Orange cake looks great. I love English food. I must buy the original cookbook. Often I look at your blog and wait for the new entry. XXX


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